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Your money – safe & secure

Whether you are buying a property overseas, transferring living funds or sending money to family, Optimal Currency’s dedicated and personable Currency Brokers will get to know your needs and help you get a great exchange rate.

Whatever your personal transfer need is, we will help monitor the markets and make the process quick and easy by combining cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned customer service. Use our knowledge and expertise, we’re the specialists.

Optimal Service, Optimal Rates, Optimal Currency.

    Personal Money Transfer specialists

    Your money – safe & secure

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    Personal Support

    Your needs are our priority. Your dedicated Currency Broker will take the time to find out what your specific requirements are before helping you pick the right service and sourcing live quotes for you. Once you have made your decision, your Currency Broker will complete the transaction to affect a quick, efficient transfer.

    Beneficial Exchange Rates

    You’ll have access to exchange rates that allow you to transfer your money at a fraction of the cost compared to using a bank. Our exchange quotes are transparent and clear and come with no added fees.

    Quick, easy, no-fee payments

    Banks will normally charge you between £5-£50 for making your international payments, and their processes can be cumbersome. We will not charge you for your transfers and with access to SEPA, SEPA Instant, Fast Pay & CHAPS we can transfer your funds as quickly as possible.

    Personal Money Transfers – What we do?

    Money transfers

    Life is hectic & stressful enough but dealing with money transfers, large or small, doesn’t have to be.
    Stay in control of your money:

    • Get live Currency quotes
    • Transfer money quickly
    • Fix currency rates for when you need the money transferred
    • Target a rate you want
    • Protect a ‘bottom-line’ rate
    • Add & update transfer beneficiaries
    Your transfer options

    Let us make your currency transfer straightforward and flexible

    • Spot Contract – perfect for immediate money transfers, take the rate now

    • Forward Contract – great for advance international payments & peace of mind

      – Complete on a specific date

      – Chose flexibility to complete any time up to a specific date

    • Limit Order – Set a target for a rate higher than currently available. We’ll make the transfer automatically if the exchange rate reaches that level.
    • Stop Loss Order – Mitigate the risk of a sudden fall in the exchange rate – set a worst-case rate. You can wait for the market to improve, knowing that your bottom line is protected .
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    Emigrating is a great adventure … and we’ll help to make it an adventure that goes as smoothly as it possibly can so you can focus on the fun bits.

    You can’t emigrate without some sort of money transfer and how you manage your currency payments can make a big difference.

    With our world-class service and unrivalled expertise, we’ll make sure you achieve a fee-free, efficient money transfer service with great rates of exchange.


    Buying and enjoying your overseas property

    We understand. It’s exciting, what you’ve dreamed of for years, maybe even decades! Buying a property abroad is a big commitment though and the earlier you grasp your currency transfer options, the easier it becomes to budget effectively for the purchase – potentially saving you a large sum of money in the process. We don’t abandon you once you have your dream holiday home though! Those monthly bills, mortgage payments and account top ups for holidays should be at a great rate too and our Regular Payments give you easy access to great rates with no fuss.

    Sending money home

    Have you decided to sell your overseas property? Or are you moving back home, having lived for a while abroad? We’ll give you a stress-free solution to move your money back home and save on the exchange rate as you repatriate the funds.

    We have a wide network of European Estate Agents, Property Finders & Notaries that we work with so please just ask if we can make a recommendation to help you sell. We will also help you liaise with Agent & Notary to smooth the process of repatriating your funds – we do it every day so know the potential pitfalls and can give useful tips.

    Regular payments

    Do you find yourself having to make smaller, regular foreign currency transfers? Perhaps these are to transfer wages, meet mortgage payments, or top up a pension? Do this through a bank, and you’ll often find yourself paying unwelcome fees and receive uncompetitive rates. In time, this can really add up.

    With Optimal Currency, you can arrange for us to make recurrent transfers automatically – at a competitive exchange rate – and without you having to pay transfer fees or commission costs. This could save you time, hassle, and a significant sum of money. Speak to your Currency Broker about setting up a regular transfer.

    Optimal rates, Optimal service, Optimal currency

    Whatever the reason for your money transfer – buying a car, purchasing a property overseas, paying for a dream wedding, our dedicated and personable Currency Brokers will get to know your needs and help you get a great exchange rate.

    We’ll help monitor the markets and make the process quick and easy. We combine the latest technology and world-class customer service. Make the most of our knowledge and expertise. After all, we’re the specialists.