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Why Optimal Currency?

With us, it’s personal

Optimal Currency is here to shake up the deliverable FX market.

So many FX brokers outsource to offshore call centres and focus everything online. For them, it’s all about cutting costs. At Optimal Currency, our focus is you – our customer. Personal service is at the core of everything we do. We love talking with our customers and always make ourselves available when you need us. We take the time to listen to you and understand your ‘journey’. If we can help out, we will!

Putting our people first to put you first

We know our most important asset is our people. We’ve hand-picked our team to best meet your needs and to deliver outstanding personal service.

We foster an environment of open communication where everyone’s ideas are encouraged, shared and welcomed.

We put our people first because we know that they, in turn, will put you first. Our people are the beating heart of the company. Without them, there would be nothing. We shout about our people and so do our customers – because they do a phenomenal job.

Our people

Specialists at the ready

Our team is professional and vastly experienced in everything we do. Our careers have covered every aspect of FX & Payments Services. Being UK-based, we always have an expert ready to help, as you’ll soon learn when you have a question for us. The specialist with the answer is immediately available, not 5-10 times zones away! Our competitive rates of exchange along with a one-to-one personal service, mean that you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of traditional service values and tech know-how.

Inspiration to do better2021-02-03T11:23:31+00:00

The founders of Optimal Currency are inspired by a mission to do better – better for their staff and better for their customers – far better than they had seen elsewhere in the sector. They understood that if they were to empower and trust a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals to make decisions, excellent results would inevitably follow.

What philosophy helps drive the company forward?2021-02-03T11:24:00+00:00

The cornerstone of our culture is excellence. Customer Service, expertise and flexibility are three of our core principles. Teamwork, communication, and hard work drive us forward. We are mindful that one transaction for you might be the culmination of many years of hard work. We are privileged to help you with the final step.

A 200 mile round trip2021-02-03T11:24:46+00:00

Here’s just one example of our dedication –

One of our Senior Brokers recently made a 200-mile round trip to help a customer. He had to collect, copy and validate essential documents, all while wearing full PPE. Following a property sale, our customer had travelled back from France. His belongings, including smartphone, were still in a removals van on the ferry and he could not verify himself securely using our App.

Could the situation have waited until the following week? No. In fact, the customer’s funds needed transferring to his solicitor that very afternoon. It was clear what had to be done. So, Adam jumped in the car and got the job done. The funds were transferred with 20 minutes to spare! In future, we encourage customers to send us the necessary information a bit earlier, and definitely to use the App!

What about our clients?

What words do they use to describe our approach?

A quick look at Trustpilot gives the answer. Customers use words such as “Highly personal service.” Efficient.” “Polite.” “Happy to help.”

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