There was a lack of data released across the board today and on the back of that, the currency exchange markets remained relatively flat. There was a raft of Eurozone Services PMI’s published in the early trading hours but as they aren’t closely scrutinised by investors and the figures they released didn’t deviate by a great deal, Euro crosses didn’t fluctuate by a great deal.

On the back of the non-events GBP/EUR moved between €1.1591 and €1.1629 and GBP/USD moving between a 30-pip range in the high $1.28’s.

With the start of campaigning today we could see some more fireworks in the next few weeks which would begin to affect the exchange rates and the price you pay for your currency. If you have an upcoming exchange and would like to access bank beating exchange rates, get in touch on the details below. Optimal Currency’s experts will explain in detail how we work, the options available to you and ensure you make an informed decision as to when you convert your funds.

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