A 200 mile round trip

Here’s just one example of our dedication – One of our Senior Brokers recently made a 200-mile round trip to help a customer. He had to collect, copy and validate essential documents, all while wearing full PPE. Following a property sale, our customer had travelled back from France. His belongings, including smartphone, were still in [...]

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What philosophy helps drive the company forward?

The cornerstone of our culture is excellence. Customer Service, expertise and flexibility are three of our core principles. Teamwork, communication, and hard work drive us forward. We are mindful that one transaction for you might be the culmination of many years of hard work. We are privileged to help you with the final step.

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Inspiration to do better

The founders of Optimal Currency are inspired by a mission to do better – better for their staff and better for their customers – far better than they had seen elsewhere in the sector. They understood that if they were to empower and trust a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals to make decisions, [...]

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Can I pay you from someone else’s bank account?

Payments from third parties are generally not acceptable due to the strict regulations we adhere to. There are several circumstances such as receiving the proceeds of a property sale from Solicitors or Notary’s that are absolutely fine. Be sure to chat with your dedicated broker before you send funds to us just be on the [...]

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Is my money safe with Optimal Currency?

As mentioned, your peace of mind is our priority, which is why we operate in a compliant manner in accordance with strict FCA regulations. In most cases, client payments are made on the same or next day that the funds are received, and you will have email confirmation when your currency is on the way. [...]

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