Deal agreed, all eyes now on Saturday

News broke yesterday of Boris Johnson and the EU finally agreeing a deal for the UK to leave the EU. Finally. Once news broke of the agreement the Pound began to surge to levels not seen for the past 5 months. GBP/USD was in touching distance of hitting $1.30 [...]

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Pound swings on Brexit rumours

Another volatile day on the currency markets yesterday with the Pound seeing movement of over 1 cent against the Euro, to over €1.16, and a cent and a half against the USD, breaking through $1.2850. The moves yesterday can be attributed to the many rumours coming out in relation [...]

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Stop playing stupid Brexit blame games

The Eu have accused Britain of playing a “stupid blame Game” over Brexit today after Downing Streets sources said a deal was essentially impossible because Germany's Chancellor has made unacceptable demands. In a sign that Johnson’s last-ditch proposals to bridge the Brexit impasse have failed, a Downing Street source said [...]

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Boris puts forward new deal to EU

Boris Johnson finally released his new Brexit plan and sent it to his counterparts in Brussels yesterday afternoon. The news didn’t come as any shock to the markets and GBP crosses remained relatively flat, much like the rest of the week so far. Boris’s deal focuses mainly on the [...]

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